Letter in support of Amy Goodman

August 18, 2009

Chris Coleman, St. Paul Mayor

And John Choi, St. Paul City Attorney

cc: St. Paul Star Tribune, letters to the editor

cc: Democracy Now

September 18, 2008

Dear Sirs,

I use this entirely inappropriate salutation, in place of the standardized “to whom it may concern” as the city of St. Paul acting in collusion with the Fascist element of the RNC has exercised Draconian measures in denying the people of the United States alternative press coverage of the Republican National Convention without concern for a constitutionally guaranteed free press. By arresting Amy Goodman and her staff photographers on obviously fallacious charges designed to intimidate journalists and corrupt our right to be informed, you do not even deserve to be addressed as “sirs”.  Were I able to think of an uncensorable and appropriate salutation, I would have gladly replaced it, yet there is none that satisfies both criteria.

I seriously doubt that authorized representatives of the persons responsible for the policies leading to this grievous misfortune acted alone or in ignorance.  Press credentials being what they are, and journalistic distance and objectivity being the benchmark of good reportage, the more plausible and historically consistent explanation is that your stormtroopers acted with foreknowledge and under instruction, rather than ignorance, to avert the electorate’s “right to know”.  That being the case, it is you, not she, that has acted with criminal intent.

Amy Goodman and “Democracy Now” may very well be the only alternative, national broadcast news media team left in the United States, and as such the only source not beholding to corporate sponsorship or influence.  To be unaware of her prominent position as an incorruptible journalist of integrity and courage would be an admission of incompetence in a person in your position and responsibilities.

To continue to pursue prosecution of Amy Goodman and her staff will serve no purpose except to bring shame and disgrace upon you and the city of St. Paul and amalgamate the sleeping forces you seek to repress into a more focused dissent through the creation of a martyr, for Amy Goodman is nothing short of a saint.  Her record is self evident.  Her stature is beyond reproach.

To call this event a colossal blunder would be kind, for it was clearly premeditated.  The damage that you have done to the reporting of this event cannot be undone and in that you may smugly take comfort.  The damage you have done to the democratic process can and will be undone, as this type of abuse of publicly granted authority will not be tolerated by the American people.


Michael Caporale


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