An open letter to CNN, Nov 9 2016

November 15, 2016

This is the darkest day in our nations history.  I am ashamed for my country and angry at the Democrats for their consistent failure to recognize both the temperament and the needs of the American people and offering too little too late. Faith in “Washington” is at an all time low and yet we re-elect the same self-serving  politicians who are the very problem we decry and think that by simply replacing the president with a tough-talking bully, we can change the outcome for the better. The lunatics are running the asylum.

CNN is in large part responsible for this curse.  You have abdicated your responsibility to the truth and the American people by providing an unchecked platform for lies masquerading as a balanced system of opposing political views, when in reality it has become a consistent and repetitive messaging system for the most egregious falsehoods, echoing the methodology of the congress by creating so much confusion when clarity is needed and ultimately neutralizing reality, providing a gridlocked stalemate of views, the fertilized ground for bad judgement. Furthermore, the many of your paid pundits create the conflict that makes your newscast nothing more than a reality show masquerading as news.  Shame, Shame, Shame!!!  You need to stop this practice.  It may be good for ratings but it’s bad for the country.

Repeating lies over and over creates a false emotional reality that is an effective strategy for winning an election but is one that lays  the foundation for a new fascist movement. In any other Universe I should be getting one of those postcards with a scratchy black and white picture of Trump telling me that I have a sexual predator living in my neighborhood. We have abandoned the necessary cynicism to stop this movement and assumed too much in believing that “it can’t happen here.”

I have lived through the many assassinations of the people who could have made a difference—JFK, RFK, Martin, Malcolm, John Lennon; the many wars based on the lies and deceit of our leaders, ultimately proven to be so; the criminal administration of Nixon/Agnew and the war criminal Henry Kissinger (wanted in France as such); the cover up of the Warren Commission and the pardon by Gerald Ford; the failed economic theories of Ronald Reagan, the sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton;  the stupidity and incompetence of W; the morphing of a responsible media into an entertainment cash cow of pundit teams simultaneously paid by their masters and the media; all feeding into this climax and I know with certainty, that while today is the darkest  of all, the truly darkest days are yet to come.

Hillary probably well deserves what she got. It’s not about the emails or the Clinton foundation or her record.  No, it’s for assuming too much and offering too little and following tired advice in approaching the election in the same old way. And now we must realize that the American people deserve what they got as well.  Memory skips generations lacking the experience to form memory.  The holy hatred fomenting in this country synchs the self-righteous views of the Christian right, and the politics of the Klan in such a way as to replicate the fervor of muslims who accept terrorism as a solution and join Al-Queda, the Taliban, Isis and others.

And so we face the many issues that define our very existence and that of the rest of the world, looking backward, led into the future by a self admitted ner-do-well.  Head for the bunkers.

The only good news in all this is that in four years Elizabeth Warren can ascend to be the first woman president, an honor she rightly deserves, but smartly exercised the wisdom to restrain from pursuing, recognizing it was “Hillary’s year.”  (It was her turn. Ask Bob Dole about “turns.”  WAS IT THAT HARD TO SEE?) So when Elizabeth does, I hope she takes Bernie along for the ride and we can make this country great again, not hate again.  The real question is “will there be anything left?’


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