How To Lie In The Age Of Trump.

November 17, 2016


How To Lie In The Age Of Trump

Lying is the misrepresentation of a falsehood as a fact, or a fact as a falsehood, committed through word or action, or lack of action, with the intent to affect an outcome. Facts and truths are very different.  There are a great many truths that can never be verified as fact.  There are mysteries and ideas that can never be verified, yet might possibly be true. Such ideas fall into the category of theories, religious beliefs and medical as well as historical opinion. In many such cases the truth can never be known and therefore merely speculated on and considered.  But let’s not call it fact.

General Rules & Methods:

We find ourselves in an age where falsehoods have become more influential than fact and we need to take a closer look at intent and the methodology of lying to differentiate the truth and make good judgements, especially as we are asked to do so as citizens of a democracy.

There are many principles that make for good lies.  Here are some leading to the practice of successful lying:

Create a need and fill it.  The need can be real, but if you create the need first, the lie will stick.

Lies work best if there is an audience ready to believe them.

Repeat it over and over until it becomes the truth. The more it is heard, the more it is believed. An old advertising principle is “tell them once, tell them again and tell them again.”  Advertising has never had a close relationship with the truth. Repetition is the key to lying success.

That said, mix in a dollop of truth to your lie.  It’s the best way to sell it, a recipe for success. Blending makes it harder to distinguish a lie from a truth.

Realize that a lie is not bait.  It’s a lure. Bait is something real, like a worm or a minnow, or a quid-pro quo.  A lure is something false, painted plastic and metal, faux bait. In political terms, it’s a false promise.

Know what button to push. Understand the weak spot of the audience. This is an innate instinct in human nature.  You’re not going to get laid by telling an ugly person that they are physically unattractive.  Rather tell them that they are beautiful or sexy.  Tell dumb people they are smart. Tell fat people it doesn’t matter. Tell yourself that smoking doesn’t harm others.  Tell the nation that global warming is desirable because it yields milder winters.

Use spin whenever possible. Tell your audience that it’s not what they think it is, but the very opposite of what they believe or think.  If it’s what they want to hear, they will believe it.

Perception is reality. You are creating a perception.  Forget about reality.  Speak to their perceptions.  Lying is emotional manipulation.  Apply it to the area required.

When all else fails, when reality is all too obvious for perception to be influential, bring up the insider track argument—“If only you could see him as I do.”  To thwart this approach, opponents have to deny your testimony, challenge you as a witness.  They cannot refute that which they have not experienced.  They will not call you a liar. That’s too confrontational.

Spread disinformation, conflicting stories create confusion. Anything can be mistaken for the truth in such an environment,

Try deflection to answer questions where the truth cannot be denied. —What about them?

If all else fails just change the subject. Lie by omission. Change the dialogue. Answer a different question. Raise a different issue.

Presenting alternatives creates uncertainty, fertile ground for lies.  What about this? What about that? Maybe it’s really this?  Could be that.  “Let’s give him time. Let’s wait and see. Anything can happen.”

Fabricate your lie with the element of plausible deniability.  It will save you when you are caught.

The Finer Points

Hold up a mirror. If people see themselves in the mirror, they will mistake their reflection for reality. Alice went through the looking glass and look what she found. It wasn’t reality.

Quote other sources to create approval, however fictitious they may be. If they don’t really exist you can’t be blamed.  It’s just what you heard. Cite others to create a consensus of belief.

Create an organization and give it a name, like say “The Foundation For Truth in Politics”, or “The Alliance for Democracy” then distribute your lie through the organization.  Who wouldn’t believe “The Foundation for Truth in Politics?”

Introduce a lie as being authorized by the populace… “Some are saying…” or “It’s been said…”

The outrageous and implausible lie is more believable than the probable. If you’re going to lie, lie big.  Who could be so bold?  Therefore it must be true.

Parse the language.  What does “is” mean?  Is oral sex, sex?  Or is just vaginal sex, sex?  Thank you Bill Clinton for all your contributions in this regard.

Flavor it with emotion.  Lies are sold emotionally not logically.

Polish it into a shiny lie.  No one responds to a dull lie. Make it appealing.

Also make it memorable.

Give it a name.  Names have meaning. You can rally around a name. Names work, like “Lying Ted” or “ Lying Hillary.”  Is Reality TV really “real” as the name implies? I hate to bust your bubble, but there is nothing real about reality TV.  It is all scripted and managed to create false conflict and conclusions. And what about religious movements?  Scientology, that’s a great name. It implies a belief in Science. However, it’s disciples believe the story of Xenu, the tyrant ruler of the Galactic Confederacy. That 75 million years ago Xenu brought billions of people to Earth in spacecraft resembling Douglas DC-8 airliners, stacked them around volcanoes and detonated hydrogen bombs in the volcanoes. The Thetans then clustered together, stuck to the bodies of the living, and continue to do this today. What about Christian Fundamentalists? Another great name.  They hold fundamental many beliefs that are contrary to proven science. Yet they command a great presence and undue influence in our democracy.  Look at the lies of other cultures, Isis, The Taliban and other religious terrorist organizations who enlist teen-aged suicide bombers with the promise of 72 virgins in heaven and you can see that the world is largely manipulated by belief systems in the fantasies, myths and unverifiable concoctions of the leaders of political theologies. I’m not going into the beliefs of Mormons, Catholics, Christians and Jews.  However you identify, you know the dogma you must believe to enter heaven—like the arc with two of every species, the virgin birth,  etc. etc.

Create confusion—reverse, reverse, reverse.  Say one thing today and another tomorrow, and reverse again.  Deny what you said, then say it again and deny it again.  No one will know the real truth and you can trot out surrogates to tell us what they think you meant. Anyone is free to decide on what is the truth and half will gravitate towards the first statement and half will gravitate to the other and you will win many more believers than telling just the one lie.

Spreading The Lie: Get Somebody Else To Do Your Dirty Work

Use a forum with no checks and no rules..social media.  You can create a pile on.

Get many surrogates to say it for you.  Create a pyramid scheme of lies. One tells two.  Two tells four and so on and so on.  Pretty soon the lie goes viral and becomes reality.

Well that’s about it. Now you can start your own movement and maybe someday be President, too.


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