Boondoggle, Boondoggle.

November 27, 2016


I truly doubt that it’s settling in just yet.  In the short time since the deplorables elected the intolerables, not much has changed.  The empty promises of a “bait and switch” campaign legitimized by media like CNN with rhetoric such as “pivoting from an election to governing” have muddied over some undeniable and very predictable events.

Trump will never reveal his taxes.  No one seems to care. Trump will not create a legitimate blind trust. Here’s a nifty little loophole.  It’s not illegal.  Yes, but is it ethical? Trump will personally continue to do business with nations he will negotiate trade deals and treaties with. Who will benefit the most?  His children will get preferential positions and privileged information, managing the family business with insider knowledge on a global scale with no SEC oversight.

Trump is backing off from his most adamant campaign strategies, like “Lock her up,” building a wall that “Mexico will pay for” and repealing Obamacare. Most people knew better, but it was still not enough.

High up in Trump Tower, with security costing New York City Taxpayers a million dollars a day, Trump parades his team of intolerable candidates for cabinet appointments before the cameras and milks the conflict he stirs up, like the Reality TV master he knows himself to be.

Absent of any legitimate fresh ideas, a relationship with the truth, a compassionate heart, an understanding of the intricacies of global politics, and many other requirements for a great leader, Trump’s proposals to make “America great again” are hollow rallies stirring up an emotional base in the most ignorant among us, to rise up in support of values at extreme odds with the conservative principles engendered in our Constitution, values supposedly embraced by his parade of candidates, racists like Steve Bannon or Jeff Sessions, rabid false-prophets like Guliani and Flynn or hypocritical opportunists like Mitt Romney & Nikki Haley, maniacs and sell-outs all, not to be trusted with a key to the executive bathroom, much less our national security, the future of the environment, a middle-class standard of living and leadership of the free world.

It’s not surprising that he made his appeal to the very same audience he created in Reality TV, who believed that what they were watching was real, when in reality it was all stage-managed events.  Duped by their own desire to believe, they were easy marks to identify, parse and manipulate. Their concerns are as real as yours or mine, but their belief in a huckster has elected a transparent fraud to determine the outcome of their lives for the foreseeable future.


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