The Ventriloquist

January 22, 2017

The Ventriloquist.


It was customary practice in my youth to play games—card games and board games.  Video games were yet to come, but not for me.  Often younger relatives might be playing against each other,  say an older youth playing against a much younger child, a teen against a kindergartner not letting the younger child win.  At some point an adult would intervene and help the smaller child, enabling them to win.  The small child was definitely the winner, but the older child might well be correct to claim that the win was illegitimate.

Today many are calling President Trump’s win illegitimate.  Let’s be clear here, his win was every bit legal, but it was achieved illegitimately.  Candidate Trump paraded himself in a manner that in the long game proved for most of us, that this is an essential truth, perhaps not yet a fact, but still a truth.  If this were not a concern, then President Trump might well be willing to give it a rest, but he can’t.  Yes, we must respect the electoral process, even with it’s flawed college defined by gerrymandered districts, and yes, we must respect the office of the president, but that does not mean that we must respect the man holding the office.  To receive respect you must act in a manner deserving of respect.  Nothing in Donald Trump’s history (go back as far a you like) has ever given anybody reason to respect him, except that he has made a lot of money, a shallow substitute for ethics, values and reasoned thought.

FACT:  Trump was elected with only a 26% total of the eligible voters, not the 46% of Americans as David Axelrod repeatedly mistakenly claims.

FACT: Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million people.

FACT: This is hardly a mandate.

And now the measure of his legitimacy seems to rest on the evaluation of his inaugural crowd size vs. Obama’s inaugural crowd and also by comparing it to the size of the crowds in Washington on the day following (but not at the 620 protests nationwide and many others world-wide).

Will someone on the Trump team please wake up this hollow buffoon to a reality that defies dispute. Just because he says it is so, does not make it so.  The narcissistic statements he made on that day regarding the size of his crowd were an embarrassment that he cannot back down from.  And then to stand in front of the CIA (an intelligence agency) and insult their intelligence by denying the very egregious things he had previously said in the most plain and blunt fashion as being a media attack, only added to his lack of credibility, now in a state of total deficit.

But wait, there’s more.  The Ventriloquist, VOTUS, rolls out his dummies, Sean Spicer and KellyAnne Conway to plug the holes in the dike.  Spicer revealing himself to be a complete fool who will say anything he is told to say no matter how easily refuted, and Kellyanne Conway who in the best spirit of politispeak coins a new word for lying, “alternative facts” to support Spicer and Trump in their transparent efforts.

And it’s only just beginning.

Now as supreme commander, he chastises the Park Service for retweeting a Time photo comparing the crowds on the mall at the Obama and Trump Inaugurals.  In the best Orwellian spirit he feels he can erase the facts and suppress further revelations.


Top: 2009.  Bottom 2017.

Well Donald, it’s like I said, “it’s only just beginning.”  We the American people will hold your feet to your own fire of lies, with or without the support of the namby-pamby, so called liberal media.  CNN being oh-so proper was too shy to call the sea of pink hats by their proper name. “pussy-grabbing hats” and referred to Madonna’s speech as containing the F-bomb.  Why can’t they just say “Fuck.” She said it on the news, it’s just reportage to repeat it.  CNN you’re just a big overrated pussy.  Start taking us seriously and take the news head on.  Call a lie a lie.


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