The Joker

January 25, 2017



The Joker.

I think it started some years ago when we began calling janitors “maintenance engineers.”  After that it spread like wildfire, becoming increasingly devious over the decades until wars were called conflicts. Civilian casualties became collateral damage.  Torture was renamed enhanced interrogation and now today, lies are referred to as alternative facts, thanks to ever-smiling Kellyanne Conway.  I’ve seen that smile before, maybe in Batman films… yes, the Joker.  A gleeful smile, wide and frozen, it belies the perfumed excrement of her “alternative facts.”  As skilled an actor as he is, Jack Nicholson runs a poor second to Kellyanne, despite the fact he’s better looking, even in full Joker makeup.

It’s like Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  That principle is true of excrement as much as of the rose. Call it what you want, it still smells the same.

But in a world where alternative facts must coexist with real facts, the last remains of factual potential must be censored by the Ministry of Propaganda, leaving only alternative facts.  That effort began when Trump ordered the Park Service to stand down on further tweeting and shut down all public communication not authorized by the Whitehouse, after it retweeted the NY Times comparison photos of the Obama and Trump inauguration crowds.  With little delay, Trump then moved to have the EPA remove the main page of climate change data, global warming and emissions from it’s website and went on to censor The Department of Energy was next to fall, and other agencies followed with similar gag orders.

Furthermore, EPA grants have been frozen, and agency employees are barred from speaking about the gag orders.  The memo ordering the social media blackout is shown below.

Now in a futile effort to substantiate his worst fears regarding the popular vote he has called for a major investigation into voter fraud that he alone estimates to be between 2 and 5 million votes, all of which had to be cast for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.  In an unusual about face CNN has finally grabbed its balls and has begun using the word “lie” referring to Trump pronouncements, initiating an odd standoff between a first-time ball grabber and a lifetime pussy grabber.

I say let’s get this over with.  Will someone please give Donald Trump a gun and drive him down to 5th Avenue so he can shoot somebody and prove at least one of his claims.  It may help ease his emotional pain and we can get back to facts.




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