Wagging The Dog

January 30, 2017

Wagging The Dog.


In light of recent events I think this might be a good time to take a close, hard look at who’s running the country.  By that I do not mean Trump or his children, his advisors or cabinet, or the Republicans in Congress.  What I want to understand is who was it that we trusted to make the decision, already going so wrong,  that we all must live by in this newly formed Trump Nation.

First, let’s look at some hard numbers.  At the last count, the population of the United States of America was 322,762,018.  Now to be fair, I must acknowledge that this was the last census estimate.  People die and babies are born.  The number is always in flux, but it’s close enough to work with. 62,979,879 people voted for Donald Trump.  That is a hard number.  A simple mathematical analysis easily shows that a mere 19.5% of the total population made that decision for the rest of us. That’s 19.5% of men, women, children, seniors, city-dwellers, rural dwellers and suburbanites, prisoners, patients, cripples, Illegals, students, workers, ministers, military—-everybody.

So who are these 62 million?  Well to start with a great number are single issue voters, mostly dominated by people of faith, Christians, “right-to-lifers,” who are willing to compromise all their other principles—ethical and moral guidelines— for this single, prayed-for outcome, in the belief that a man who can make money in any manner, can make decisions the rest of the world can live by.

Next are the voters living in fear that a wall on the Mexican border can protect them from dying in a movie theater or nightclub at the hands of a drug-addled rapist/terrorist from Mexico, and having failed to teach their kids to just say “no”, keep their daughter’s virginity safe and their family from OD-ing on cheap elephant-tranquilized heroin while driving their foreign made SUV into head-on traffic.

After that, we must consider those who feel they must protect the rights of said Latino-terrorist (or anyone else on the no-fly list for that matter)  to purchase assault weapons, in order to remain safe themselves, thereby keeping America strong.

And of course there are the economically-challenged and  motivated voters, who feel that a billionaire who has made money cheating people, by not paying valid invoices, sold fraudulent products and manufactured his goods overseas using cheap labor, can fix our economy and create more American jobs because he believes in “America first.”  These same people bought into the idea that he was the supreme dealmaker, and that he would stock his cabinet with the best dealmakers.  Well maybe that much is true.  Maybe all those guys he nominated know how to get the most from a deal, but the real issue is not how the deal is arrived at but the very nature of the deal itself, what do we want in the first place?  That is not about the dealmakers but is all about the voters.

And worst of all are the hard-line party voters, staunch Republicans all, willing to vote for a flip-flop candidate, really an independent without a plan or policy of substance, who, failing the advice and onslaught of negative comments by virtually every other leader in their party, all people of substance turned hypocrite, voted for the bully-braggart because he energized their base emotions of anger and revenge.

And lastly, let us not forget the fringe—the kooks and weirdos, the right-wing hate groups, racists, misogynists, and in general those still living in the past with delusions of how it “used to be,”  the “deplorables” as Hillary so named them—50% or not, still a real working fraction in the equation.

This is the Trump coalition.  These are the people who now believe that they run the country— 19.5% of Americans, the tail wagging the dog.

But as recent demonstrations show, they are not as in control as they might think.  The 80.5%, the rest of us,  may not control the congress, the cabinet, the lobbyists or the president and his family, but we outnumber them and we will be heard.  When spontaneous groups can mobilize in mere hours and minutes to close airport terminals all around the country, when millions of women worldwide unite in protest against the policies of a man who gets his policy-making information from limited channels on his television, I say look back at Richard Millhouse Nixon, Mr. Trump, you are more vulnerable than he, and we will stop every effort to take our blessed country in the direction of ruin you have embarked on.




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