Fact/Alternative Fact

February 1, 2017

Fact/Alternative Fact


Does anyone take Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer at their word?  Apparently some do.  Republican officials are playing a dangerous game lending credence and blind validity to this group of clown thugs. Prayers and offerings are being laid in tribute before them hoping for heavenly rewards in the form of conservative policy. But Trump and his team are using conservative policy as a Trojan horse to bring in the assault that will redefine this nation in nationalistic, isolationist terms.

The current executive order restricting travel to the United States from seven select countries is indeed a ban.  It doesn’t matter how many people Sean Spicer says are being admitted to the United States if a select group is not being admitted.  Let’s say men only were being admitted and not women.  It would be right to say that it was a ban on women.  So now we have certain countries and not others being affected as well as minority religions being excluded from the executive order.  So what!  logic tells us that the remaining group, no matter what you call them, are banned.


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