The Nuclear Option

February 3, 2017


Just as the Democrats begin to understand that you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, the Republicans display their true colors in a display of party unity putting self interest above that of the nation and invoke the “nuclear option.”  To win at any cost you must be willing to accept disproportionate  collateral damage and going nuclear is just about the best way to maximize the damage but I think we have to ask, “what is left afterwards?”  If the only answer to the checks and balances of the two party system is to stop checking and upset the balance, then I suppose it’s logical to forget about agreed procedure and rules and just change the rules to accommodate your new dance partner’s desire to dance naked.  So there you have it.  Its no longer a gunfight, but a one-sided atomic response to an enemy that just dropped their knives to pick up a gun.  And what did we lose?  Let’s start with respect because that’s what this is really all about.  These fools should take a long hard look at Chicago to understand the effects of seeking respect through violent means.  Killing your own, accepting “collateral damage,” in the mistaken quest to protect your fading honor, your failing word and your repeated misdeeds all in defense of the gang-you-run-with’s lack of self respect, well that’s just about as stupid a response as dropping the atomic bomb on a third world country, confirming that Republicans just can’t be trusted to do the right thing and don’t deserve the respect they so vainly seek.

I may not agree with Lindsey Graham or John McCain in general on their overall philosophical views but I have grown in respect for them as men of principle, however misguided their motives.

What is required is the use of intelligence and the application of reason, not the knee-jerk reaction of a thug with a nuclear suicide vest.  The vetting process for cabinet positions exists to discover the issues and allow candidates to respond with answers. Funny, since vetting seems to be on Republican minds these days as “extreme vetting” in the form of a travel ban that seeks to replace the process of sifting terrorists from refugees with a total freeze.  Well that is the very same process the Democrats were employing with a boycott, a total freeze on vetting until the process can be restored and function as intended.  Seems pretty simple and easy to understand.  A single, misplaced cabinet appointment can do more lasting damage than a refugee turned maniac, so why not vet them with the same thoroughness?


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