It’s Not About Hillary

February 5, 2017


It’s not about Hillary.

It seems like every time I see an interview with a group of Trump supporters, they all start beating the same drum in unison.  Hillary, Hillary, Hillary…They just can’t let it go.  They seem to think that opposition to Trump is from cranky, dissatisfied voters, sore losers who resent Trump for Hillary’s loss.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Hillary is long gone and her memories are buried with her in the timeless mausoleum of history.  Good riddance.  Hillary was a flawed candidate and I could care less that she lost, not that I ever gave a damn about her emails or Benghazi—small potatoes in the big picture.  Hillary’s problem was that she was not sensitive enough to the changing attitudes of her constituency, and being the anointed candidate long before the primaries began, entered the race with a false sense of entitlement.  After Bernie mounted a campaign that energized voters, Hillary tried in vain to siphon off some of that energy and lacking the charisma, followed the centrist advice of her counsel and ignored key primary states like Wisconsin and Michigan.  She rode it all the way to a loss because she was “electable” and Bernie wasn’t and she believed it.  There was, however,  one other “unelectable” candidate in 2016.  His name was Donald Trump and look how that worked out.

I don’t have any resentment for Trump winning.  He was elected because his supporters wanted an asshole for President and he fit the bill, not because Hillary should have won and didn’t.  Hillary deserved to lose. Let’s be clear, Bernie should have won and he was cheated from competing by the weak-kneed Democrats who couldn’t go all the way and trust the American people, rather placing their trust in a traditional political machine with moderate policies that would not rock the boat, an “electable” candidate. Simply put, Hillary lost because she wasn’t “real” and if any one thing is true about Trump, perhaps the only thing that is, is that he is “real.”  That is why he won.

As for the whiny Trump supporters, “Give him a chance and let him do his job,” they say.  I say he’s had his chance over and over and he’s proven himself to be a monumental fuck-up of such proportions that even an angry and  combative Sean Spicer and the smiling idiot-savant, the Chessire cat of polling, DC’s own nutcracker, Kellyanne Conway cannot erase with spin and alternative facts.


One comment

  1. Its sad when pathetic cretin neo nazi filth like yourself seem so inclined to share there opinions with the world. But again it is such a small price too pay for the privilege in living in this country. You must be so miserable medication is required for you to get out of the bed in the morning.

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