The Global Suicide Vest

February 6, 2017

Film Set - 'Money Monster'

In a society that so fears the temptation imposed on pious men by the mere sight of a woman that women must be cloaked to hide them from view, feeble minded adults and innocent children are convinced to wear a suicide vest with the promise that they can frolic sexually in heaven with 27 virgins, as if the very morality imposed on them on earth doesn’t apply once they reach heaven.

How are we any different?

The American people are wearing a global suicide vest and that vest is Donald Trump.  He has promised jobs, prosperity, security, freedom from fear, and a return to conservative values all while “making America great again.” We shall all enter the fantasy of his promised “heaven,” if only we will put on the vest and set the timer in motion.

If we agree to let him destroy the economy, appoint a cabinet who are in many cases both unqualified, incompetent and profess a desire to eliminate the very department they are charged to manage, return us to policies that allow pollution and ravage the environment, expending  fossil fuels  while increasing carbon emissions, deny climate change and global warming, thereby allowing continued destruction of the barrier reefs and all sealife, melt the arctic icecaps and glaciers, raise oceanic temperatures and levels, accept ever increasing natural disasters as normal, partner with a murderer by embracing Putin and Russia and ignoring his warring posture worldwide, push our trade partners towards China, reduce vital and humanitarian immigration, dismissively belittle our judiciary, insult and ignore the advice of our best intelligence agencies, insult the leaders of our allies, advocate nuclear armament of more nations, attack and marginalize the media, defy NATO, diminish education, cut social policies like Social Security, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, eliminate or reduce taxes on the wealthy, maintain monetary influence on legislation, free up banks to run wild once more, manage propaganda by removing important data from government websites, shackle NASA in their important work, establish legislative loopholes while changing the rules, distort the truth and in the process our values, call into question our elections while ignoring foreign hacking, well then, I think we have firmly put on the Trump Suicide vest.

And what is the promise of heaven we shall achieve for so doing?  Is this a heaven we can believe in, a heaven without morality?


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  1. I think you’re overreacting… and they say women get emotional

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