Michael Flynn: 1 Down 20 To Go.

February 14, 2017


Michael Flynn: 1 Down 20 To Go.

Don’t start patting yourself on the back just yet.  This is not a victory for our side.  Nothing we have done affected this outcome.  Flynn did it to himself.  And so, sooner rather than later, the 16 cabinet positions will begin to falter and fall in disgrace, one by one, followed by Conway, Spicer, Bannon and Miller the hit squad on the front line of alternative facts.  The ground on which they stand is perforated with fissures of their own making. Loyalty has its rewards.

Just what kind of National Security Advisor doesn’t understand that the phones of Soviet Diplomats are routinely eavesdropped on?  If for no other reason, disregard for this basic principle of intelligence is a disqualifying factor for Flynn to continue in that role. That said, he had to go. Careless?  Perhaps.  Overconfident?  Surely.  But why?  The only answer is that he communicated with the Russian ambassador thinking his back was covered by Trump, soon to be wielding the power of his office.  It’s an old story right out of the Ollie North Playbook.

Everyone knows that Ollie North acted on orders from Reagan, but Ollie North, being the good soldier that he was, fell on his sword to protect Reagan’s illegal actions in Latin America sparing the president from impeachment and prosecution.  North was convicted but emerged as a celebrity felon, like others before him from Nixon’s camp, to reap the rewards of his notoriety ultimately cashing in as an author like Haldeman and Erlichman, elected to the US Senate and commanding an audience of loyal followers as a talk radio host in the same career path of Gordon Liddy, felon and Right Wing cheerleader-made  millionaire.

Today, as it was then for both Nixon and Reagan, the central question was and is, “What did the president know and when did he know it?”  It seems like that is always the question and as always, it is cloaked in “plausible deniability.”  But just how plausible is it?

Paul Manafort, a New Jersey thug with all the suave of someone who looks, acts and speaks as if he just walked off the set of The Sopranos, with questionable and unsavory Russian affiliations, upon being scrutinized by the press does his boss a favor and resigns from Trump’s campaign. Trump continues to talk up his bromance with Vladimir Putin.  Subsequently we learn that the Russians hack the election in Trump’s favor.  Recently it was also discovered that Flynn consulted a Russian diplomat that changes might be coming with the new administration regarding sanctions.  Trump announces he will not release his taxes thereby cloaking any potential financial ties to Russia and other foreign entities.  Putin has no response to the charges of meddling in the election. Rex Tillerson, recipient of the highest Russian award for non-nationals, The Medal of Friendship, is ensconced as Secretary of state. Leaks occur about Trump’s visit to Russia, with potential scandal and blackmail possibilities.  Flynn resigns over his phone conversation with the diplomat, caught and recorded by the NSA/FBI. And now we are to believe that Flynn acted alone and never reported to Trump regarding that conversation.  Just what do you think these guys talk about when they get together?  Money, money money.  Just coincidence?  Do you really think Trump runs his empire on coincidence?  Think again

And what about Pence?  Did he know or is he feigning that he was deceived? It might be likely that he was telling the truth.  In intelligence, all information is shared on a need-to-know basis.  Pence, who is something of a Pollyanna, goody-two-shoes despite his hateful leanings, may have been kept out of the loop for just that very reason, making plausible deniability just that much easier. Trump needs an ignorant front man.

As for Flynn, he is on a well traveled, prosperous career path, perhaps emerging as a new Senator, Oil company CEO, FOX anchor or talk Radio host.  Loyalty has its rewards.


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