Our So Called President & His New Punk

February 15, 2017


Our So Called President & His New Punk

As the credibility of Trump frontmen surrogates falters under the weight of their confusing and conflicting alternative facts, our so called President trots out a new cast member from his shadow B-team to deliver his unyielding missives.  Unlike the ever-smiling, glib Kellyanne Conway who wallows in her own cleverness, or the combative Sean Spicer who must keep spinning and turning to accommodate each new contradictory change in his messaging, Trump is now rolling out Steve Miller, a dark windowless, unyielding force, a punk with no soul, the face of Nosferatu, nothing there behind his eyes, a robot repeating a pre-recorded message.

But as new revelations about repeated and continued contact between Trump surrogates and Russian senior diplomats during the Trump campaign and beyond, continue to surface, one thing is abundantly clear.  You don’t fuck with the CIA.  Trump has made many mistakes. but his biggest was to repeatedly “dis” the CIA, comparing them to Nazis, criticizing the director and then using their hallowed wall to expound his personal agenda.  Whoever said “ignorance is bliss” certainly had not taken Trump into account.

And now…SURPRISE!!  Leaks are coming out from who knows, God knows where???  Who could possibly know more about the Russian connections?  Who has a transcript of the phone conversations with Russian diplomats?  Care to venture a guess?  And you can bet there’s plenty more.  Trump knows not the depth of their intelligence and their capability to use it.  Let us hope they choose to continue to use it for good. God Bless The CIA.


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