2 Down (Another One Bites The Dust.)

February 16, 2017


2 Down (Another One Bites The Dust.)

We were promised a cabinet of the very best dealmakers and by all accounts that is just about all we have been getting—dealmakers, but did we really understand what it meant to be a successful millionaire dealmaker?  The logic used to support this supposition is that only the best negotiators could get the best deals for the American people, but in reality, as is always the case, the best deal is undeniably for them and their cronies. These so called leaders were nominated by Trump largely because they have been successful in the business world, that is to say they made a lot of money, but to do so ethically requires a leader of a different sort than those nominated, dealmakers who realized their success by lying and cheating.

On the heels of Michael Flynn, the latest appointee to flame out is Carl’s Jr. founder, Andrew Puzder, a card-carrying misogynist who clearly understands the relationship between sexually objectifying women and the consumption of unhealthy fast food.  Nominated for Secretary of Labor, he is a stingy man, a miser who held on to his money in even the smallest ways by lying and cheating the American people. Over a ten year period he employed an undocumented immigrant housekeeper “under the table” without paying taxes on her salary.  When confronted with this “oversight” this so called leader ponied up and paid the taxes on the previous ten years and fired her—nice guy—claiming that he didn’t know for all that time.  Now being an upstanding citizen caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, he was making good expecting that all was forgiven.  Hey wake up dumb fuck! Somebody wrote her checks or took cash from his wallet to pay her over and over for all that time.  Am I to understand that each transaction over a ten year period occurred without his knowledge? He didn’t understand that taxes were due and were not being withheld? Puzder was ignorant of even the most basic labor laws? Now suddenly this paradigm of ethics looks into the matter and has a sudden pang of conscience seeking both redemption and a new job managing the very department that enforces those laws? Really?  Sorry.

Coming out of the dark shadow of GOP unity, four Republicans have validated the trust placed in them, considered the facts objectively, and broke with party ranks, refusing to vote yes on his nomination. A dozen other Republicans have been waffling as well, not quite there, knowing the right thing to do but worried about ostracizing themselves within the party. Realizing the impossibility of his situation, poor Andrew was forced to withdraw and return to making sleazy commercials for his food chain.

Puzder is only just the latest in the long list of unqualified cabinet candidates, but that has not stopped Republicans from voting lock-step to approve the many unqualified nominations that have come before them to date.

Steve Mnuchin is the most prominent among them.  A multimillionaire who profited from the mortgage crisis with questionable transactions that ultimately booted little old ladies and first time homebuyers alike from their homes for owing as little as 29 cents in overdue mortgage payments Mnuchin has displayed that he is solidly on the side of greed over humanitarian concerns, not on the side of the American people but on the side of the 1%.

What if the issue put before us had been presented thusly:

You can vote fo protect your rights as a citizen or you can vote to enhance the financial standing of 1% of the population.

Or put another way…

You can vote to protect your consumer rights, reverse the course of pollution on the environment, conserve energy with emphasis on green energy, create a living wage, ban fracking, maintain healthcare, protect social security, expand educational opportunity, and guarantee equal rights for all, or…

You can vote to defund, diminish or terminate the programs that protect you by installing billionaires to manage them saving money that can line their pockets through new programs, tax breaks and sweetheart deals.  Like the institutions they represent, they are too big to fail.


But the choice was put as this:  You can vote to expand social and welfare policies that rob the American people and destroy our cherished traditions or you can drain the swamp of liberal spenders by installing dealmakers who can make money for the American people.

That’s how we got nominees like the hapless Betty Devos for Secretary of Education or the ever comical, Texas-sized-idiot wordsmith and famed science denier, Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy, that and by electing Senators who have sworn that party loyalty outweighs careful consideration of the undeniable facts.

And as to the illustration at the head of this article taken from a Carl’s Jr. ad, is this how we eat our burgers, grabbed from a bag carefully cradled by a pussy?  No wonder Trump likes him.


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