A Deal With The Devil

February 17, 2017

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, John Barrasso

A Deal With The Devil

The deal with the devil is a staple of popular folklore.  It’s a parable recalled to impart wisdom to coming generations. The story of the pact made between Faust and Mephistopheles, the devil’s messenger, is well known. Faust exchanges his soul for desires fulfilled by the devil—knowledge, wealth, fame, power and eternal youth.

Since the early days of his candidacy Trump has waged war on every legitimate Republican, not a war of issues but a war of insults.  His verbal abuse has known no limits. Republicans responded in kind with remarkable clarity and the most negative, yet truthful, statements regarding Trump, his history, his character, his views and his ability to govern, yet, none could not stop him. The back and forth abusive remarks continued throughout his candidacy until after winning the primary, Trump’s abuse was focused exclusively on Hillary and the many losing Republicans were spared further humiliation.

But all those acid statements had already been made and are still out there floating in the universe to be easily retrieved by any caring soul.  Republicans were now faced with an impossible choice between supporting a candidate foisted upon them and their own integrity, a difficult question, indeed, for any sane person.  Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, John McCain and Ted Cruz, all being persons of sanity, struggled with it.  Paul Ryan, a GOP schoolboy and cub scout uncomfortable in the woods, held out for as long as he could, but Mitch McConnell, ah well, having no integrity to trade on and being of questionable sanity, jumped to make the Trump deal and pressured all to follow.

I’m inclined to believe that the original remarks made by Republicans regarding Trump conveyed their true beliefs and feelings.  These remarks were not made under duress and the pressure to conform behind a repugnant candidate to support the party deal made with Trump.

The original deal was made at the Republican convention, as reported to Rachel Maddow by attending Republicans party to it. The deal was over the GOP platform.  Trump, it was said, had no opinion about the platform and was willing to accept any and all planks that might be proposed by the GOP, except, well, there was just this one tiny, little request…  he wanted them to agree to stop the flow of arms to the Ukrainian government in their defense against the Russian invasion of Crimea.  You support me and I support you. The Republicans got their planks.  What did Trump get?  They got his support, yes, but was there something more to this deal.  Have they agreed to look the other way regarding his Russian connection and intentions.

This scenario makes a lot of sense since Trump won the primary not by defining his platform, not by proposing realistic solutions to real problems but by vilifying any and all opponents. A Coroner’s report might accurately conclude that cause of death for the other sixteen Republican candidates was “friendly fire.”

Likewise, suspiciously treasonous acts wafting from the crossfire of several smoking guns supports the notion that little to no attention is given to the Russian scenario by the otherwise uber-patriotic guardians of national security, pinnacles of Right Wing conservatism all, led by Mitch McConnell.

And so it was that these lost souls were resurrected from the dead to make a Faustian deal.  But one has to ask, “who in this deal is the devil and who is Faust?”


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