The Best Reality Show EVER!!!

February 18, 2017


The Best Reality Show EVER!!!

Nothing is real about a reality show. They are all fake.  I never watch reality shows because they are a contrivance of cheap producers to exploit everyday people.  Ask any “contestant” who has ever been on one and they will tell you the same thing—“they are told what to say and do.”  To quote my favorite Beatle, “Nothing is Real.”  The truth is that reality shows are just he cheapest way to produce a television show.  They don’t require much writing, just an idea. They don’t spend big money on union actors, stars and stunt people. They use everyday people, non-actors.  The crews are minimal, often non-union, and the video equipment used is often cheap consumer grade.  All that is required for one to be successful is conflict and lots of it.  People will watch just about anything with a good conflict and if it involves one person abusing another, well… they just can’t look away.

“The Apprentice” is the pinnacle of reality shows. If measured by success, it had the most viewers and ratings, made the most money and ran the longest of any show yet devised…until now that is.  It’s not doing so well with Arnold.  Trump’s brilliance has always been that he understands the basest elements of human nature and exploits them most effectively, that’s why he is a good dealmaker and a great reality show producer and actor (neither of which is a complement.) On “The Apprentice” he orchestrated artificial chaos through the process of selection, the casting of real people, by choosing the people with the biggest and best personality flaws and tossing them together to react against one another under his direction and management for us to watch the inevitable results, the firing of each until only one remains.  People will do or say just about anything for money and he understands that all too well.

Since leaving “The Apprentice” he has moved on to apply his skills to the biggest reality show ever, the new “West Wing.”  Oh, it’s not titled as such, but that’s what it is.  It has everything that “The Apprentice” had and more.  It uses real people, people with deep character flaws.  It has chaos and conflict aplenty.  Like “The Apprentice” the inevitable outcome is always going to be that someone gets fired.  That’s his formula.  He began firing during his campaign and it hasn’t taken him all that long, now that he’s in office, to renew the process.  And like “The Apprentice” the people that are fired are all fired because they followed his direction.  But here’s the best part… it’s all free.  The media coverage is free, the actors are free and the expenses are picked up by you, the American people.  However, in this new reality show variant, Trump has gone one step beyond to make it better.  The audience is not only participating in the show but is an investor/stakeholder.  They have to watch. Now that’s a formula for a truly great television show.

That’s why Trump places so much emphasis on crowd sizes and polls, and the election numbers.  He’s a producer managing a show. And that’s also why Trump must keep campaigning. It’s marketing for the show.  He asked us to elect someone who was not a politician and we did.  We elected a flawed actor, a despicable excuse for a human being, but the very best Reality show producer EVER!!  That’s why we must tune in every day.


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