Because I Say So.

February 21, 2017

Reince Priebus

Because I Say So.

Regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian hacking of the presidential election of 2016 and the relationship between the Russians deeds and potential contact with Trump’s team, Reince Priebus had this to say,

“As long as they do their job and we cooperate with them, they will issue a report and it will say there’s nothing there.”

Hey that’s great, Reince.  Thank you for setting us straight.  With that pronouncement, spoken with all the certainty of misplaced party loyalty and the arrogance of one who is being judged to defy judgement by ordering its outcome, well Reince I’m almost speechless!  Well… not quite,  not just yet.

That’s just a little too convenient for you, buddy.  If the conclusion of the investigation is already foregone, then why waste the time?  We can just take your word for it because you take Trump’s word for it and we all know we can depend on his word to be completely accurate and absolute.  Why would he purposely mislead the American people?  Do we need to review the reasons or do we all know them by now.

No, I think we all know them.  But Reince you are a disappointment realized all too early.  Your conversion from simple political hack to willing co-conspirator is stunning.  You should have given it just a little more time and let the other messengers do Trump’s dirty work.  But after Kellyanne Conway’s recent ban from ever appearing again on “Morning Joe…”  well then, I’m sure everyone on “the team” can see the dominos falling. You may have been the only credible one left.  Lucky you.


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