Mr. Thin Skin

February 26, 2017


Mr. Thin Skin, Donald Trump, the bipolar narcissist of American Presidency, alternately a petulant child or a school yard bully, won’t be going to the Whitehouse Correspondent’s DInner this April. Mistakenly seeing this as an opportunity to “punch back” he has only punched himself in his soft, fat gut, and is now crying in the corner with only insults as his best defense.

Not since Richard Nixon have we seen such animosity for the press, but Trump has foolishly raised the stakes, making Nixon’s transgressions and his attempts to silence the media appear innocent by comparison. Banning major national news organizations from the Whitehouse briefing, CNN, the NY Times and the LA Times among them, betrays a weakness to withstand scrutiny, and openly displays his fear that simply pointing a camera at reporters asking questions that cannot be answered, of an angry puppet spokesperson who must deflect, spin or lie, might reveal to the nation the ultimate hopelessness of his grand plans or give credence to his misdeeds.

Surely, denying news organizations access to the briefings can only be seen as a “punishment,” an act of retaliation, another “punch back” for the media Trump cannot control, the media who do not have an agenda other than reportage.  Does he not understand that it only shows his weakness?  I’d like to see news organizations support each other’s right to attend briefings in an all-for-one, one-for-all display of unity, and boycott the briefings.  I’m sure the room would be empty save for Fox News, the ever loyal media arm of Republican conservatives and their wealthy supporters, all dancing snakelike in a twisted conga line at Trumps wedding reception. How long can the party continue without the coverage he so depends on?

Every president before him has attended the Whitehouse Correspondents dinner, except for the one time Reagan was hospitalized.  In a previous year, we all laughed with Bush as he watched his doppelganger address the audience of correspondents.  And who can forget Steven Colbert’s devastating remarks to the press, now immortalized on youTube.  Yet Bush endured it all with great dignity, and in the process further endeared himself to the public, supporters and critics alike. Even a political figure with diminished mental capacity, Sarah Palin, understands the value of self-deprecation and has appeared numerous times with Tina Fay on SNL. So Donald, you must see that you are only punishing yourself.

Grow up Donald.  You are a sad disgrace to the office and the nation.


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