Plugging The Leaks

March 1, 2017


Plugging The Leaks

February 28, 2016  Day 40 of the Trump Whitehouse

Fox news, a leading source for Right Wing propaganda, continues to broadcast Trump’s rants about leaks in his administration. Just a few days ago Sean Spicer, the Chihuahua that barks like a Pitt Bull, acting with Trump’s approval reacted in full fascist mode by seizing the cellphones of staffers in search of evidence of a breach, specifically looking for encryption software or any communications by text, voice or email that would compromise Trump’s official positions and public statements. These revelations  are otherwise known as leaks because they come from insiders, staffers who know the secret truths and are  willing and able to make it available to the American public who have a right to know in order to make informed decisions. Leaks are not necessarily information that requires security clearances, but can be.  Trump would have us believe that all leaks threaten national security when in point of fact they strengthen it.

But just what is a leak?  First, a leak cannot be a lie because if it were fabricated it would not be a release of information that was supposed to be kept in confidence. It would not be a leak but a slur. No, a leak is factual information revealed by an insider source, usually regarding negative behavior on the part of an entity acting in a manner against the trust placed in it. The entity will feel betrayed, because there is usually a non-disclosure agreement in place or the insider has made a pledge or taken a loyalty oath or the like.  It is only when an entity violates the trust placed in it by lying, that insider sources acting on behalf of the people holding the trust, feel compelled to reveal the truth and become whistleblowers and “leak.”  Leakers choose right over wrong, justice over injustice, and truth over lies and they put themselves in jeopardy to support their convictions. They are in fact whistleblowers behaving honorably .

Lacking the wisdom to foresee the effect that such searches will have on staffers, Trump has created an environment that demands loyalty at the expense of integrity.  The effect will be only a more widespread use of leaks as a means to enable the management of a government gone berserk. So what’s next?  Strip searches?

Meanwhile, once the truth is out, there is little to do but deny it.  Spicer was quoted recently as saying, “How many people have to say there’s nothing there for people to realize there’s nothing there?” The answer to that Sean, is only one, an honest one.  Truth is not a numbers game.  All the surrogates in the West Wing, all the hypocrites in the GOP, the entire right wing news media chanting lies in unison do not have the power of a single leaker telling the truth.

There’s really only one way to stop leaks and that is to act honorably so that there is no reason to leak.  It’s just another form of supply and demand. Cut off the supply.  There will be no demand.


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