Just Questions, No Answers

March 14, 2017


Just questions, no answers.  That’s the sum and substance of the Trump administration.  Ask them anything and get nothing in return.  Press conferences are a sham, a veil of noncommittal responses cloaking both action and intention.

Take for example the Russian connection to Trump which grows with each passing day. Now we learn that the Russian bank, Alfa, sent 2800 requests from their server to Trump’s server during July of the campaign year.  Additionally a similar number was sent to Spectrum Health’s server.  That’s the company run by Dick Devos, husband to Betsy Devos, our new Secretary of Education.  Combined requests to those two servers alone constituted 99% of those made by Alfa Bank.  What’s up with that?  Who knows, but it doesn’t look good?  Right now the news services are calling it “odd.”  Maybe not so odd, considering the tangled web of Trump surrogates’ Russian contacts, Trump’s repeated campaign emphasis on improved Russian  relations, Tillerson’s Russian oil development objectives and the confirmed Russian hacking used against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to influence the election.

So how about the long trail of Trump campaign advisers and staffers meeting with Russians, ranging from the “Sure looks and sounds like a New Jersey gangster-thug” Paul Manafort; disgraced foreign agent Michael Flynn; the informal advisor and uncanny “mystical-seer-into-the-election-future,” Roger Stone; Trump advisors J.D. Gordon and Carter Page; to son-in-law Jared Kushner and finally perjurious Jeff Sessions.  Despite repeated and continual denials that staffers and advisers ever met with the Russians, solid evidence to the contrary continues to leak and each contrite innocent in turn does the dance of  “Oh I thought you meant,”  Sessions going so far as failing to answer the question asked by giving the answer to a different question not asked, thus creating a storm of controversy around his answer.  It’s as if he couldn’t wait to enter a denial to a potential issue that could or should come up, had anyone thought to ask about his role in meeting with the Russians. If you think this is just business as usual for a candidate, or regard it as coincidence then think again and consider the timing and optics.  What does it get you?  Just more questions, no answers.

Given the limits of the information at hand, it’s not surprising that we have only questions.  But it’s not as if anyone with real knowledge offers answers.  Asked direct questions, Republican spokesperson after Republican spokesperson refuses to give direct answers, rather answering a question of their own choice, related to the topic but not the specifics of the question, one that allows for favorable framing to avoid an undeniably, unfavorable answer.  Faced with the coming failure of the “Trumpcare” act, loyally supported with an impressive mastery of non-answering by Paul Ryan, Trump has rallied his team of co-conspirators to supply the only answer he can come up with… “blame the Democrats for its failure.”  Now there’s a novel idea!  And with some 2,000 job vacancies still unfilled in the administration, as the government slows to a halt, Trump returns again to his only answer, “blame it on the Democrats. Where is the legendary “dealmaker” hiding?

Each day, as it appears that it cannot get any worse, any more absurd, new fantasies are created by the “dealmaker” to magically distract our attention from real issues, and further saddle investigators with new, unresolvable objectives, diluting meaningful work with nonsense. His willingness to go where demons fear to tread knows no limits. Trump’s claim that Obamas wiretapped Trump Tower has no basis in fact and has been widely refuted by every intelligence agency tasked with wiretap approval and oversight.  Trump who knows that he can get the answer to his claims in one phone call has, nevertheless, refused to do so, shifting the responsibility to the investigative committees.  Why is this? Well first, because he already knows the answer and second because it sends the committee on a wild-goose-chase siphoning resources from the Russian investigation, and thirdly, it serves his propaganda needs for fresh bull-dookey for his 44% base of devout sycophants.

Meanwhile as Korean and Russian challenges mount with escalating acts of aggression, “Mr. Bluster” remains silent, leaving us with more questions without answers.


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