Gullible’s Travails

March 21, 2017


Gullible’s Travails (Gullible is restrained by the Lilly-Putins)

To be gullible is to believe that which ought not to be believed because on face value it strains credibility in an obvious manner.

Let’s take for example the case of Unidentified Person 1.

Unidentified Person 1 claims he will build a wall across the border between Mexico and the United States and that he will get Mexico to pay for it. This will never happen.  Why?  Well for one thing, it’s just too expensive and for another it is ineffective.  Tighter border security may be desirable, but the cost to value ratio is so lopsided that billions will be spent to stop a handful of migrants seeking a new life in America for their families.  We are told that these migrants are taking American jobs and that they are largely criminals and rapists.  Truth is that the net flow of Mexicans and Latinos is negative towards the US, meaning more travel to Mexico than from Mexico, and those jobs…?  Seasonal migrant farm work is not exactly the American dream of card-carrying US citizens.  If you believe that a wall is needed to change this and that Unidentified Person 1 can make it happen, then you are definitely gullible.

Unidentified Person 1 claims that he will repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something better that will reduce premiums and provide freedom of choice for patients to select the coverage they want and the doctors they prefer. What he didn’t tell you was that 24 million people will lose their health care, Planned Parenthood will lose their federal funding and the cost of the program will shift from the patients to the taxpayers, while those in the top income brackets will see their share of the cost reduced significantly. If you believed that something better was coming in the form of health insurance under the GOP plan, then you are gullible.  For seven years they have failed to develop a plan and now are in such disarray that they cannot even muster the votes in their own party to pass their own proposal.  The GOP plan has been said by members of their own party to be “Dead On Arrival.” It would be more correct to say that it was dead on conception. Unidentified Person 1has been quoted as saying,“nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated.”

Unidentified Person 1 promised that he wouldn’t cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Just take a look at the proposed budget to put this promise to the test, though it probably doesn’t matter because if you suffer from gullibility, these programs do not cover that malady anyway.

Unidentified Person 1 promised to “drain the swamp,” yet he has been appointing Wall Street bankers, the same people he told us he would oppose, to very high positions and the same exact Wall Street guys from Goldman Sachs who were there in the past. If you believe that Unidentified Person 1’s appointees were selected for your benefit, then you are most certainly gullible.

If you believe, as Unidentified Person 1 maintains, that global warming, better known as climate change, is not occurring at an ever increasing rate due to man-made carbon pollution, then you and he are in opposition to just about every scientist on the planet which by the way makes you not only gullible but also a self-defeating moron with your head in the sand.

Do I need to go on?

If you believe that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, that there were three million illegal votes in the last election, that reports of inauguration crowd sizes favor Unidentified Person 1,  that there was a Bowling Green massacre, that thousands of Muslims were in the streets of NYC on 9/11 cheering the fall of the twin towers, or that Unidentified Person 1 surrogates were not involved in negotiations with Russian frontmen to play “dirty tricks” from without US borders rather than the dubious, legally-accepted methods routinely used by campaigns here at home, then you dear friend are living in the alternate world of alternate facts, and are a Lilly-white-Putin suffering gullible travails.


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