The Crown Prince

April 6, 2017


Day 76 of the Trump presidency

Not so very long ago, it used to be that our nation was run by elected officials.  It’s looking less so with each passing day.

In previous centuries nations were largely governed as monarchies ruled by Kings protected from the masses they reigned over by high walls and castle towers. The line of succession fell to the Prince. Both King and Prince were attended to by many advisors, conspiring henchmen of all sorts, the royal court, the religious clergy, and just plain thugs and assassins, all vying for position and favor, paying homage to the King while plotting against him. The wretched masses the working class were kept in check by the religious clergy who promised eternal damnation to those who failed to conform to the dictates of their rulers as interpreted by the Church.  They were an easily managed population that still wallowed in superstition and believed in fairy tales. Witches and heretics were treated harshly, often burned alive atop a pile of kindling or drowned in a religious test at the end of a dunking arm. Such were the times. Such was fear. Such was the nature of order.

Things went well for the rulers until the ruled subjects, the 99%, realized that they had power over their own lives, power achieved through revolution.  Revolutions persisted, even until this day,  but historically we only educate our children regarding certain prominent ones—The American Revolution, the French Revolution with it’s guillotine, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Cuban revolution and so on.  With the exception of King George, all ended very badly for the rulers. A couple thousand miles of ocean provides a nice buffer against losing your head.  Not so for King Louis and Marie Antoinette who lost their heads along with just about every other member of the aristocracy who remained in France.  In Russia Czar Alexander and the entire Romanoff family, including his young children, were all executed.  In Cuba General Battista was stood up before a firing squad along with his entire cadre of associates both military, political and wealthy landowners. It’s the familiar pattern of  how corrupt systems are purged of diseased elements.  The two exceptions to this formula for reform were both in British colonies with movements infused with the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela respectively, historical anomalies to be sure.

Today, we have a new paradigm of government in the United States.  We are being ruled by a neo-monarch who assumed power through election, but nevertheless who has tasked his Prince, an unelected appointee to a fabricated position beyond the normal scope of regular government appointments, cabinet positions and so on, with the actual function of running the government. It’s the old concept of the family dynasty reborn in modern times, complete with a tower and a palace, and no shortage of intrigue. Jared Kushner is that prince.

As of today Jared has been tasked with the following responsibilities:

1 The mission to Iraq to meet with the Prime Minister to develop a strategy to defeat Isis.

2. Planning the visit of the Chinese President to Mar-al-ago.

3. Brokering Middle East Peace.

4. Reforming the criminal justice system.

5. Running the newly established office of American Innovation.

6. Reforming veteran care.

7. Stemming the opiod epidemic.

8. Revamping the entire federal government.

Now am I mistaken, but do we not have a Secretary of State whose responsibilities just might include foreign relations such as those in items 1, 2 & 3?

And as for items 4 through 8, don’t those fall to the many other cabinet secretaries?

So to say that Jared Kushner is charged with these responsibilities places him above these others in the pecking order to the King.

If Steve Bannon is the idea man, Sean Spicer is the carnival barker and Mike Pence is the cleanup man following the elephant in the parade, then it remains that someone must be running the country while we are being entertained.  The recent failures of healthcare reform, lack of a working budget and the foibles of “The Wall”  indicate that Trump is incapable of delivering on his promises or managing a system that relies on mutual cooperation rather than dictates from above.  While Trump may be clueless and many of his advisors may be incompetent or unqualified, the appointment of the Prince, on the surface a foolish move, may in fact be the only smart thing he has done in his first 75 days in office.  Jared may still be wet behind the ears, but by all accounts, it is his views and those of Ivanka that have moved Trump, if ever so slightly, off his entrenched positions to consider policy changes for the better.  I pray that is true.


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