The Corridor of “Me”

April 8, 2017

bannon corridor

Day 77 of the Trump Presidency

Did anyone else feel the air move yesterday, a sudden gust of warm wind, as the collective sigh of a grateful nation and the incredulous gasps of a faithful few, reacted in unison to the ouster of Steve Bannon from the Nation Security Council?  My, my, my…. Diddeth the Crown Prince plotteth against the Archbishop, and the Archbishop assaulteth  the Crown Prince thusly, “You’re a Democrat”?

Well Democrat or not, it’s a big step in the right direction, albeit just a suture on the leg wound of a diseased infected body that’s still walking and talking through the corridor of “Me.”

In the corridor of “Me” loyalty is a one way street.  Soldiers in the army of “Me” are recruited for one-way missions.  Bannon is the latest casualty.  He served his purpose and now has become a liability to a man who will adopt any position to remain in power.  Health insurance?  Who could have known it would be so hard?  (Try Obama, you fool.) Just to keep his promise Donald has threatened to work with the Democrats. Wow, he’ll do anything to win!  Heretic!  And he said he wasn’t a politician.  Syria?  What would Obama do?  Oh yeh, he’s doing that too. Little by little, Donald is coming out of the closet.  Trouble is, it just opens on a Mobius Strip, the corridor of “Me.”


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