Collateral Damage

April 11, 2017

Blindfolded trump target

There seems to be an endlessly repeated refrain among Trump and his surrogates that began during his campaign and continues to this day:  He has a plan, but he’s not going to tell anyone.  Trump’s reasoning is that he doesn’t want to let his adversaries know what he is going to do, that they might devise a defense against his moves.  It could just be a poker bluff or he may really be holding all the cards, but either way, it’s a strategy designed to confuse and defeat his enemies. and the collateral damage is the American people, Congress and in turn any investigative bodies.  But consider this, it gives him the freedom to move in any direction without bearing the stigma of failure.

That’s right, if you don’t have a stated plan, then it can’t fail.  You can’t miss the target if you don’t have a target.  Take Syria for example, or healthcare, or the economy, or global climate change, or immigration, he has no plan.  Take anything he claims to embrace and the hard facts are that he has no plan at all.  Oh sure, he has the wall you say and Mexico will pay for it.  That’s a campaign slogan.  That’s not a plan.  When the cards are on the table and his bluff is called, his campaign slogans crumble under the weight of facts.  The wall is too costly. Mexico will not pay for it and neither will the American people pick up the exorbitant tax required to sustain an idea that has no positive net effect on its intended outcome. Healthcare? Well we all know what happened with that.  And how many more natural disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, floods and forrest fires will it take to convince him that the global climate has changed and we cannot stand idly by and simply say that we have no controls that we can exercise to create a positive effect other than to pick up the costs for the damage?  And why?  To protect a few coal jobs?  To support American petroleum companies by continuing an energy plan based on fossil fuels?  This is his plan?  To restore the do- nothing policies of the party of “no.” To poison our food supply by deregulating farmer’s use of insecticides?  To allow fracking which is proven to pollute drinking water?  This is a plan?  This is his target?  It goes on and on.  So he does one good thing and fires a few Tomahawks at Syria and whoop-de-do, we all cheer his bold move, but truth be known, he did it at Ivanka’s urging, because she empathizes with the death of the small children pictured in the news.  After all, she has small children of her own.  This is his conscience.  It’s external and lives outside his human form, as do his “plans.”

No, Trump is all about winning and that’s all there is for him.  He can’t lose if he never stakes his position with a plan. He’s untethered and blowing in the wind, a sail without a mast.  If we the American people are that mast, then he must tether himself to us by sharing a plan that works.  He must embrace the press as an ally, the congress as a partner, both parties and the entire political spectrum of the diverse population he claims to represent, and involve us in a cooperative way that begins with a stated plan.  It can’t remain a secret.

Or is that truly it?  Maybe not. There is another possibility, one supported with facts, and that is that Trump is really just plain clueless.  According to insiders and by Trump’s own admittance, he’s really from the same reading club as Sarah Palin and it seems obvious when questioned.  He exhibits the same depth of knowledge, but handles his response in a different way.  He says he has a secret plan.

Why?  Maybe because he seems to disdain reading and prefers to get oral reports.  After all in the days leading up to his presidency, he avoided his intelligence briefings, both written and oral.  Not on his agenda or was it just over his head?  Did he need someone else to explain it to him or did he just not care? His writing abilities seem to fit well with the Twitter limit of 140 characters. He watches Fox News about 4 hours each day. K I S S…  Keep it simple, stupid. This is where he gets his ideas from, but results, ah, there is where the line is drawn.  It wasn’t until H.R. McMaster took over the NSC and began cleaning it up that we started to see real results.  There’s an important lesson there. Governmental agencies work best when Trump stays the hell out of the way.

So give him his ballcap with the scrambled eggs, chicken feathers and lightning bolts and let him parade around our armada for photo-ops with all the pomp of a third world Generalissimo. Who cares.  Trump is a rubber stamp, a signature on other peoples ideas and policies.  He’ll say or do whatever he has to, to be perceived on the winning side. Eventually he may just come around and have to replace the many other bad choices he made in cabinet appointments.  He just has to figure out how to make it look like a win.  It’s our job to help him in that regard.  We have to get rid of the losers in congress and start electing winners who will get things done.  I don’t care on which side of the political spectrum you come from, we have to pull together, work together and channel this idiot to do the right thing for our sake.


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