Tongue Trippin’

April 11, 2017

sean tongue

Is there anyone in the Trump administration capable of thinking on their feet without tripping all over their own tongue?  As the latest statements made today by Sean Spicer attest to, the answer is still an unequivocal “NO.”  In today’s press briefing Sean claimed that Hitler did not use chemical gas weapons during World War II.  Reminded that he had overlooked the use of gas to kill millions of Jews in the holocaust, he tried to walk it back, saying that Hitler did not use gas to kill innocent civilians as Assad had and then realizing the gross negligence inherent in that refinement, had to walk it back a second time after the on-air briefing and say that he meant “dropped from the air.”

There’s an old saying among carpenters used to avoid mistakes.  It goes like this.  “Measure twice, cut once.”  Sean would do well to keep this in mind.  But following in the tracks of his fearless leader, Sean like every other Trump surrogate, talks first before getting his facts straight.  The cure for Trump was a teleprompter, but for Trump, with his limited reading skills, his speeches became concatenated fragments of three and four word phrases interspersed with moments of dead air, allowing him to process the next scripted phrase.  It killed Trump’s impact and left him saying pretty much nothing, since his emotional fabric had been laid bare. But as all conventional politicians concurred, it briefly put the reins on a runaway.

With Spicer that’s just not possible.  He can’t work his job from a teleprompter.  What he can do is try to answer questions intelligently without feeling the need to rebut every question with yet another combative question of his own or challenge the press with angry false remarks that obscure the issues.


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