The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight

April 13, 2017


Anymore it just seems like it’s harder and harder to keep up with all the chaos and turmoil stirred up every day by Trump and his gang that can’t shoot straight, each caught with a smoking gun. It’s not just that the many thread of intertwined stories are being untangled little by little but also that each day more new stories are added to the mix, and these, while not small events, are often avoidable mistakes, at the very least calling the competency of Trump as a manager into question over and over.

A couple more noteworthy shoes dropped yesterday, though they seemed lost in all the controversy swirling around Sean Spicer’s bonehead remark about Hitler’s non-use of gas weapons.

First it was revealed that both Democrats and Republicans on the Intelligence Committee have looked at the same “evidence” that Devon Nunes relied on for his remarks regarding inadvertent surveillance of Trump Tower and Trump’s accusation levied against Susan Rice of illegal unmasking. This was the very same evidence that was given by Whitehouse staff to Nunes and he in turn delivered to the President personally the next day, cloaked in all the pomp he could muster by a mini press conference with the Whitehouse as a backdrop, one designed to cover Trump’s tracks, cast by Trump like a warm blanket over the witless Nunes who took the bait and ultimately the blame.

Next, was this something of a shocker, or did we expect it all this time?  Perhaps it was a shock that it happened so soon, but it was revealed today that the FBI saw fit to get a FISA warrants to investigate Carter Page, a Trump Associate who is believed to be an agent working for the Russians knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on their behalf.

The FBI’s FISA Application cited meetings with named and unnamed Russian operatives going back to 2013, alleged meetings in Moscow and Page’s own public statements of record regarding Russian policy including a speech critical of the U.S. given in Moscow.  Page has time and again shown his colors, effusive in his praise for Vladimir Putin and harshly critical of U.S. sanctions for Russian military intervention in Ukraine but it seems that his intentions may have been strictly personal–making a lot of money.  Even the Russians thought so and commented on it in surveilled communications. Hmmmmm, sound like anybody we know?  By the way who did he represent and advise?  Hence the connection, and the fun is just beginning.



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