Preaching To The Choir

May 2, 2017

singing to the choir

Well it’s finally here, Day 100 and what a day it was.  Last night the Washington Correspondents dinner was held without the president attending.  Apparently, Donald, like most bullies, can dish it out but cannot take it. Rather than attending, he held a rally to feed more Pablum to his core supporters.

“I thought it would be easier.”  Really Donald?  Of course, you did.  It all seemed so simple back when all you had to do was say “jump” and your minions complied, but ah, this governing thing, well it just doesn’t work that way in a democracy, does it?

So, here we are at the end of your first 100 days and you are scrambling to find accomplishments you can list to fulfill the boastful claims and promises you made during the campaign. Yes, not so easy.

Meanwhile, the media has been scanning their list and finding it equally difficult to find an instance of promises kept.  There is, however, one item they report as the fulfillment of a promise, one they give you high marks on, but really let’s face it…  It was the one thing that was really, truly, extremely easy. You got to choose a Supreme Court justice.  Whoopee!  How hard could that have been?  Let’s see.  Well, first you get a list of viable conservative candidates from your advisors and then you pick one.  Yep, that’s about it.  After that, it’s up to the Senate to confirm and with a Republican majority that can change the rules at will to confirm your nominee, seems like it’s playing cards with a marked deck.  No, I don’t give you any credit for this.  It was a stolen honor that belonged to Obama and was handed to you on a silver platter by Mitch McConnell.  No, praising you for this act would be a mistake.

So, what have you really done?

First and most importantly, there has been no legislative action on any of your promises, not the Affordable Care Act, not immigration policy, not The Wall, not the economy, not taxes…NOTHING!  Zed, Zero, Squat, Zip!

Next, you appointed a bunch of your cronies to the cabinet, mostly a group of unqualified supporters and donors who will work to destroy the very departments they control by cutting programs and freeing up funds that can be used by you in other wasteful ways, like flying to Mar-a-Lago every weekend in Air Force One’s flying task force with a full complement security detail and parade of armored vehicles to get you to and from the airstrip.  In the meantime, you have filled only 22 positions of the 556 key positions needed to properly run the government, 470 of which have no nominee at all. Give yourself an “F” on that one, Donnie! You are completely clueless.  By the way, how’s your golf game doing these days?

And then there are your 30 executive orders.  The Muslim ban… dead in the womb.  The travel ban… twice killed at birth.  Cutting off funds to sanctuary cities…ditto.  These executive orders that you parade so proudly are just your toothless statements of intent, statements of a man used to working alone and getting his way, not of a man who can build a team and get things done. “F” again, Donald.

As for your commitments, well they seem to blow in the wind.  Consider your reversals on trade, China, Syria, and North Korea. Do you even own a map?

And in spite of all the praise you might get from your loyal supporters for your actions as Commander-in-Chief, the use of the Moab was not your decision, but your general’s.  You were completely ignorant regarding the mission and even the compass direction of the aircraft carrier and strike force “steaming to Korea.” Don’t you think it might even be the most basic duty of the Commander-in-chief to stay informed?  But those fifty-nine missiles unleashed on the Syrian airbase… ah yes, that was sweeter than the Mar-a-Lago chocolate cake you so blatantly bragged about while relating your bold decision, supposedly made spontaneously at the dinner table. There’s just something about the optics that makes me think of the famous Marie Antoinette quote, “Let them eat cake”…  wealthy rulers out of touch with reality.

And finally, in a move of desperation, you have unveiled your one-page tax plan, a bribe for support, designed to appear as the fulfillment of your promise of economic betterment for all Americans but really an enrichment of your own wealth in the extreme.  Surely, a reality check is needed.  This bullet point list of yours is just an unfulfilled idea, not unlike a campaign promise.  It’s not a substitute for legislation. It’s not a completed work. In my business, a legal line is drawn between ideas and completed works.  Anyone can have an idea.  Ideas cannot be copyrighted.  Only completed works can be copyrighted.  An author can own a work, claim all rights to it, but not an idea.  Come back when you have something to crow about, Donnie, we all have ideas. Do some real work.





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