“Hey children, what’s that sound… ?”

May 20, 2017

jeffrey Lord

If you’re near your TV, it could be the unified sound of channels changing all over the country as the click, click, clicks, signal Jeffrey Lord is once again on CNN.

Why CNN continues to interview Jeffrey Lord is a mystery.  As soon as he comes on there’s no reason to continue watching as he is not only completely predictable but he adds nothing to the conversation of any substance, yet alone value.  His answers are lame and transparent, totally without merit. Certainly they must know that they are loosing their audience as soon as he appears.  It’s been widely reported to be the case.  Time and again, he just repeats the party line in the same manner as Sean Spicer and the many other flunkies that Trump trots out to deflect from his many transgressions.  But here’s the really sad part.  Lord gets paid to be a pundit by CNN, as well as being paid to be a surrogate for Trump.  Yes, that’s right he’s double dipping.  CNN are made to be fools, well maybe except Anderson Cooper, who yesterday confronted Lord when he said, “If the president took a dump on his desk, you would defend him.”  Truer words were never spoken.  Anderson is merely saying what the rest of us have been thinking, he just put it in more certain and colorful terms.


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