The Roosters Come Home To Crow

July 1, 2017


July 1 2017

Today, as Carl Bernstein adds his powerful voice to Anna Navarro and others opposing the Trump presidency in ever stronger terms, calling his time in office a “malignant presidency,” Kellyanne Conway offers a pitiful and utterly meaningless defense by saying that she endorses Trump’s “ability” to make tweets.  C’mon, Kellyanne, you can do better than that. Everyone has the ability to tweet.  Are you so savvy that you know his supporters will buy into this shallow offering or is it that you have such disdain for the other 70% of us that you disrespect our intelligence so easily?

And now as the Whitehouse announces that Trump will meet with Putin in a “sideline” meeting while at the G20, what are we to expect? What happens when two liars meet in private is anybody’s guess and I’m sure will remain so. There will be no press allowed in and I’m quite sure there will be no transcript.  Each will emerge with their own version of the agenda and a result of their discussion favorable to their cause.  Even if Trump includes members of his staff, can their observations be trusted?  Only by inclusion of parties with opposing views and objectives can we be certain that the important work of this nation by its president can be verified.

This is a sad situation of Trump’s own creation, a lifetime pattern of lying and bullying backed up by the worthless approvals of sycophant surrogates and political hypocrites who have sold out their principles for perceived political gain as they, and the boy who cried wolf, watch the roosters come home to crow.


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