Swiss Cheese Legislation

July 3, 2017

sasse swiss cheese

Frankly, nothing Donald Trump does should come as a surprise anymore.  In the midst of strong criticism regarding his tweet war on the press, He chooses to retweet a doctored video of a wrestling event where, in true fake-wrestling-event-manufactured action, Trump pummels the WWF president, Vince McMahon.  If that weren’t bad enough, foolish and embarrassing enough for a head of state, commander in chief and world leader, the CNN logo has been tracked over Vince McMahon’s face to give the illusion that Trump is viciously attacking CNN.  The meaning is not lost on anyone and it betrays Trump’s childish emotions that he takes such delight in retweeting this sort of trash.

In the midst of all the attention being given to Trump tweets, the Republican legislative agenda remains riddled with holes like a wedge of Swiss cheese, pretty solidly defined but you can see right through it. These mealy-mouthed, morally-righteous, family-valued protectors of the 1% that call themselves conservative Republicans all cower in the shadow of Trump, sellouts to a stolen victory, trapped by Trump, who even today cannot steamroller a viable bill through congress that will satisfy the needs of their constituents who will be taking to the polls a year from now.

Just as it seems that here may be no integrity left in Congress, up steps Ben Sasses to surprise us all.  Ben is articulate and intelligent and for the most part makes a lot of sense.  Even if his philosophy is staunchly conservative, I like the guy. Let’s hope he doesn’t become just another sellout, because he may just be the one who can turn the Republican party away from their current madness and towards a more sustainable solution to the needs of the American middle class and working poor.

But alas, his conclusions are often flawed, such as his position on Healthcare which is repeal and later replace. A repeal will leave millions of Americans with no insurance at all and give leverage to the insurance industry to determine the kind of insurance they would like us to have. “Demonize, colonize and privatize” should be the Republican National party motto.  Can’t we see through this too?


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