Scaramouche, Scaramouche!

July 24, 2017

Scaramouche Queen

Let’s see if we can all somehow come together and agree to follow some simple data to a logical conclusion.

Yesterday, as Kellyanne Conway utters yet another verbal avalanche of the same tired manure, she continues to assert that the media should stop reporting on Russia and focus on all the fruitless intentions of our flacid President.  Meanwhile Mooch, as he likes to be called, Scaramucci by name, Trump’s new wizard of a communication director, a chameleon if ever there was one, erases all his previous tweets deriding Trump and contrary to Conway’s plea, issues a statement throwing the media back into the coverage of all things Russia.

Mooch is far too innocent sounding a name for this Machiavellian actor.  No, Scaramucci suits him well.  It’s like the name of the Italian clown known to modern audiences through “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Scaramouche, a cowardly buffoon, whose name means “skirmish” or a “minor fight.”   Contrary to the claims of Kellyanne Conway, Scaramucci, in keeping the Russia story alive, states that Trump still doubts that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. Why would he say such a thing, except that Trump has directed him to say it. So, let’s try to understand what would motivate Trump to keep “Russia” alive and not focus on his so-called achievements in office, of which there are truly none that can be directly attributed to any action on his part.

First, we need to understand that there are only two possibilities.  One is that Trump really doubts that Russia meddled in the election.  The other is that Trump knows that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.  He would know this one of two ways. If he participated in it, he would know or if he was told by his advisors, which he most certainly was, he would know.

Now if we assume that all that is said about Trump by his surrogates is true, then we must believe that he is a person of vast intelligence and business acumen.  Therefore, in the face of all his advisors, 17 national intelligence agencies and the entirety of both houses of Congress who all say otherwise, Trump would be standing alone in an unsupported belief that Russia may still be innocent of the charges. Only the most gullible fool would believe Trump is telling the truth. It would be easy for him to accept the counsel of his advisors and admit that Russia meddled.  So, one has to ask why would he go against the torrent of information available?  The news media cuts him far too much slack when they assert that it’s just simply ego, that Trump does not want the credibility of his win diminished.  None dare to introduce the other possibility, that he was part of it, for fear that it substantiates Trump’s claim that the news media is biased against him, yet it remains a distinct possibility.

But what if Trump knew it to be true.  Let’s assume for a moment that Trump colluded with the Russians, well then for sure he would be saying the very same thing, that he doubts that they influenced the election by meddling, because he is as guilty as they are.  He would do everything possible to stop the investigation because he knows it will inevitably lead back to him, and realizing that, he would prepare to issue pardons for all the guilty parties, including himself and his co-conspirators, all who stand to profit through the manipulation of policy by his office.

Follow every tweet, every utterance, every speech, every action and they all support this line of reasoning.  Nothing runs contrary to this conclusion except that we live in a new age where nothing matters. Trump writes tweets, speaks in interviews, can be seen on tape at rallies, says one thing then another and puts forth falsehoods that contradict any and all audible or visible evidence, all recorded, all indisputable, all meaningless and yet all thrive in his cesspool of lies, because none of it matters to his 40% base. As smartphones and dashboard cams and the news media coverage can attest to, unlawful deaths of African Americans at the hand of the police are rampant all over this country. As police wrangle their way through the courts to defy conviction, none are punished.  None are guilty.  The rules allow it because nothing matters anymore. In this environment, the one that began with the assassination of JFK and ran through the lies of Nixon, Reagan and Bush, continuing through to President Clinton getting blow jobs from an intern in the oval office, nothing of any consequence has been done after the millions spent to uncover wrongdoing, the only consequence being that we, the American people, understand that the rules are made to protect those who make them.  Trump knows this all too well and will certainly get off scot-free after lining his pockets with our money. We would all do well to remember the fable of the scorpion and the frog. It’s long past due time to change the rules.

A bright note yesterday was announced when Wisconsin’s challenge to redistricting in their state was accepted by the Supreme Court.  Let’s see if Judge Gorsuch will play by the old rules or is willing to rewrite them to be fair and equitable.  Will he do the job that Trump sent him there to do or will he work in service to the American people?


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