The A Dog

July 29, 2017

whitehouse dogs

Whether you live in a nice suburban home, or on a rural farm, or an urban townhouse, you have been worried about your security lately.  You’ve been watching the news and are realizing that the chaos and confusion is at your doorstep and you want to protect yourself against invasion by criminal and violent elements.  What do you do?

You’re a dog lover, so you get a dog, and then another and another.  You now have five in all.  At first you bought a pit bull, thinking that would make you safe, but the pit bull attacked everybody, even you, and you learned too soon that you were liable for all the damages.

You then added a Chihuahua so that it’s barking would alert you to an invader, but the Chihuahua barked incessantly and it drove you and all your neighbors crazy. So you got another dog, a calmer dog to keep it company, thinking it would end the barking, but that didn’t work either.  Now all the dogs were barking.  Finally, in desperation you got a couple puppies, thinking if you raised them and trained them you could resolve your security issues. But the puppies pissed all over the floor and you had to mop it up.

After several incidents were reported by the neighbors to the police, an investigation was launched.  You protested that they were just dogs and doing what was natural for dogs. After all, they were bought and paid for by you and you had a right to own them. But that didn’t seem to matter to the neighbors who had been bitten. So you began a letter writing campaign to the editor of the local paper disparaging the neighbors while attacking the police chief and the investigation.

Unfortunately for you, dogs are pack animals. They follow the pack and are led by the A dog. That should be you.  You will be the A dog unless you give that position up to another more forceful dog. Feeding a dog first before you feed yourself is one way of telling that dog that he is the A dog and you will find yourself serving the dog not the other way around as it should be.




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