Ooops…A Brief Moment of Truth

August 4, 2017


Being semi-retired, as I am, allows me certain indulgences that are not afforded most of the voting public. I am able to maintain a fairly constant vigil on the constant and repetitive drumbeat of the news, searching for a glimmer of hope that this scourge to our national intelligence, “The Oval Orifice,” Donald Trump, will soon end his lunatic reign.

As anyone who watches cable news knows, every story is repeated over and over, analyzed and reanalyzed by multiple panels all expounding the same conclusions. But every now and then, new information surfaces that takes a mindful wakefulness to recognize its fleeting appearance. Gotcha!

Such was the case the other day as Alisyn Camerota once again interviewed Dan Stein (often referred to as a “nativist bigot”) representing the Federation for American Integration Reform, FAIR. Suddenly, there it was, the threat and the fear revealed for the first time.  In that brief moment, the opportunity was lost for follow up, as Alisyn remained focused on her line of questioning and moved past the nugget that Dan Stein had laid at her feet, “The Democratic Party now relies on immigration for its future electoral support.”  To put it plainly, the GOP believes that immigration reform will determine whether it can maintain its current political stranglehold.  As always, it’s not about you and me.  It’s about them.  This was a lost opportunity that should be further explored.  It boldly colors the battle lines of GOP immigration reform with intentions of strictly partisan self service. Immigration reform like Gerrymandering, policy and law, are often just a means to stay in office under the control of the ruling party.


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