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Spicing up the Emmys

September 18, 2017

sean tongue

Sean Spicer’s Emmy appearance has already fueled vigorous debate and with good cause.  It raises serious questions about personal integrity, moral responsibility and the national interest.  It’s all too easy for someone like Sean to look back and plead, “I was only doing my job,” but is that excusable?  War criminals say the same thing in different words, “I was only following orders.”   Where is the line between personal advancement and service to the nation drawn if not at the intersection of integrity and morality?  Sure, who wouldn’t want to have the job of speaking for the President of the United States? But again, one has to ask does that mean propagating dangerous lies and a false agenda? Either Sean knew he was lying on behalf of his boss or he did not.  Regarding the former, it makes him a liar as well and regarding the latter that makes him an ignorant stooge. Forgive him for being stupid or making a bad choice if your heart can warm to it, but let’s not forget the combative snake in the grass he was and let’s not put him back on the air to feed us new lines of bullshit.  Maybe Fox will snatch him up.  They could rename the network LCN, Liars Club Network.