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Try This IQ Test

April 25, 2017


Most of us that have taken an IQ test have seen the question where we are asked to identify the one dissimilar object in a group of four objects. Considering the group of geometric shapes above, most people would select the circle as being dissimilar and they would be right, but this is a tricky question because three of the objects are all the same height and one is taller, so item three could also be correctly selected as dissimilar.

Now try this one,  It’s is a political IQ test and it’s even trickier.

Trump pigs

You may be having a hard time with this one since all four choices are misogynist pigs. You might say the farm animals are dissimilar since they are only doing what comes naturally for them, but you would be wrong in that line of reasoning as the other three choices seem to fall quite naturally into the same behavior.  Consider this: only one of the choices is not a Republican billionaire abusing their power and position.